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Richard Meyers

Art Director

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who we are . . .

Variety Wraps is a family owned operation here to provide captivating art with the strategy of less is more, along with high quality cutting edge vinyl wraps of all kinds. Since 1981, we have helped customers rise to new heights in their business with the use of digital advertising. Whether you desire a wrap for commercial use or personal use, no doubt, we help you STAND OUT!

our origins . . .

A new name does not mean a new business. The origins of our family business goes back three generations.

It all started with my grandfather who built signs way before the digital printing era. But even before he discovered the sign industry, my grandfather served his country when he toured in France during World War II. He was awarded two medals, including the victory metal and came home with millions of American heroes. A year after his return, he went into constructing signs and eventually started his own sign business called “Night and Day” in 1957. My grandfather specialized mostly in steel framed signs for skyscrapers and built his most prized signs, the KTLA sign. His business became a segway for my father, Richard Meyers, who, as an artist,entered the world of hand lettering and painting.

My father is the man in front and behind the curtains. He grew up surrounded by the sign industry and in 1981, he followed his father’s footsteps in openning up his own business, called Richard Signs.

Through the years, my father developed the skills and techniques in art designs. The techniques of art can be taught, but the imagination is a gift. My dad was blessed with both skills and used them to produce high quality work for his customers.

“I have pleased many customers in the past with traditional artwork, and since 1997, I have pleased many customers with my ‘sky is the limit creations’ using computer applications. There is no reason to retire when you are having fun.” – Richard

Before the digital era, my father satisfied his customers with hand painted signs and designs. As technology spiked, he evolved his business into digital printing realm and integrated wraps of all kinds into it. Vehicle and storefront wraps became essentials to advertising, giving my father unlimited measures to capturing the audience’s attention.

My name is Chris Meyers and I am the third gneration to this family owned business. After a century of helping customers expand their business, my father and I have officially created Variety Wraps.

Everything we do is in house, 34 years of experience in art, fabrication and manufacturing. And we can share our experience with you here at Variety Wraps. Do not doubt, we will help you STAND OUT.