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Before and After images of a Car Wrap

Hey everyone! I wanted to show you some before and after images on a vehicle wrap we recently completed.

As you can see from a side angle on this image, the van was tagged all over with graffiti that cannot be scrubbed off. This vehicle represents the company just as much as a salesman does much as a salesman does and graffiti gives the company a bad image. They could have used paint, but painting an entire box vehicle will cost a fortune and will be just a blank white box. So instead, they chose to wrap the vehicle! It initially kills two birds with one stone. The car wrap advertising industry allows the vehicles to be both, service and advertising vehicles.

As you can see below, the box van looks like it had a transformation, like a brand new vehicle, but instead is a box van decal wrap.


Believe it or not, that is the same vehicle. Our sign shop tends to make old vehicles look brand new!