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What is a car wrap?

A Car wrap is a large vinyl or print decal that is applied to the surface of a vehicle.

Can I see through a wrapped window?

There are two different types of window wraps, opaque and perforated. If you choose perforated, then yes, you can see through your window as a driver.

How much does a car wrap cost?

Just like any hand crafted project, prices do vary. It is mostly based off square footage. The average price in the United States is $11-$15 per sq ft. We are primarily priced in at an average of $10 per sqft with the highest quality of material: 3m controltac 180c or Avery Dennison.

How long does a car wrap last?

This is dependent on how well it is taken care of. The average car wrap lasts between 3-5 years. The longevity is reduced from exposure to sun usually. If kept indoors, you can make it last anywhere between 5-7 years. Washing your vehicle also helps increase the longevity of the wrap.

Is it worth to wrap a car?

Wrapping your vehicle not only exposes your business to the public, but you become an icon in your region. According to CPM, wraps are the most efficient, most effective, and most cost effective forms of advertising. On average, you can generate anywhere between 30,000-50,000 impressions per day, depending on how much you drive and where you plan to park your vehicle.

Does the wrap affect the paint?

A wrap has a positive effect on paint. It protects it. If you choose to have a new wrap or choose to peel off the current wrap to sell it, do not worry about the paint. It is still like factory new.

Can I wash my car when it’s wrapped?

Yes, I encourage people to wash their car, because it actually helps in it’s longevity. However, I advise that you not bring it into a car wash or use a high pressured hose. Handwash it.

What is a full vehicle wrap?

A full vehicle wrap is when every inch of the vehicle is wrapped. The original color underneath is not shown.

Why a car wrap vs. Paint?

Car wraps are cheaper, faster, easier to maintain, contain more variety and do not reduce the value of your vehicle. Because the original paint is protected underneath, the value of your car does not reduce accordingly. If your car is keyed or is scratched, you do not have to repaint practically the whole car to make sure the colors match up. Simply peel off the section that is scratched and re-wrap it. Cheaper and much quicker.

Why wrap vs. vinyl lettering?

The difference between wrap and vinyl lettering is the difference between a postage stamp and a billboard. Wrapping a vehicle grabs the attention of the viewer much more than lettering and also looks more professional.

Can you wrap a wall?

Yes. There are many types of wrapping materials for all kinds of surfaces. A wall wrap is just as applicable as a vehicle wrap.

Can I fix the wrap if it is dented?

Yes and you don’t have to re-wrap the whole thing, just that one section.

How much is art?

Art is $350 flat rate before the first 8 hours. If it exceeds beyond that, it is $60 an hour after the expense of the flat rate.

What payment methods do you accept?

Visa, MasterCard, Check, cash, and debit.

How long does the wrap process take?

After art and everything is complete, the wrap is dependent on the type of vehicle and the quantity of material for the vehicle. Some wraps are less than a day while others are 3 days. So to be safe, we ask our customers to give us 2-3 days.

Do you only do vehicle wraps?

No we do wraps of all kinds. Plexiglas, site signs, storefront windows, walls, and vehicles.

Can you wrap the roof?

We can. Other than a change in color, for advertising purposes, customers often wrap roofs when they are stationed in a large city so that people above in the skyscrapers can see the advertisement below.