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Our Journey to the SEMA Car Show in Las Vegas

Being involved in the wrap business, one of my dreams was to wrap a vehicle for the Sema Car show; one of the world’s largest motor vehicle shows. Being knitted together in the family business, literally everyone in the family is contributing one way or another, including my sister Alicia Whitten, who, over the years of modelling, has now stepped into the family business of Sign Wrap Pros. Through the help of Bare Speed and Hope Global Creative Engineering Solutions, we were given the privilege to wrapping a Mustang 2015 for the Sema Car show! Without further adieu, I wanted to give you a seat into our journey to the Sema show.

As you can see, the vehicle was a dark navy blue Ford Mustang 2015. Even before the car wrap, I must admit, I still liked the navy blue color, but hey, it needed to get wrapped!

After the art was completed, we sent the prints through over Avery Dennision media, one of the highest quality materials on the market. Not much was required to be removed. We removed the spoiler, handles and the heat extractor hood pieces, but aside from that, nothing else was removed. After all of the prep work was completed, including cleaning and material cutting, we jumped right into the wrapping.

Just like any hand crafted project, including paintings, sculptures, architecture, and others, car wraps do not look great in mid production.

It honestly looks almost disastrous when looking at it before it is complete. However, patience, literally in regards to wrapping a car, is virtue.

Despite the tedious work laid out for car wraps, our employees always keep their heads up. There is always a vibrant atmosphere in the shop, where everyone is happy doing good quality work for the customers. (Employee Jake Mcfaul had no idea I was going to add this photo on after he took selfies with my phone)

The Mustang was coming along well, however, there were pieces, such as air vents and spoilers that we had to wrap and add on later. These pieces were definitely a challenge, especially after all of the art was complete. We had to wrap the vents and align the letters at the same time; not an easy task, but after all, we are Sign Wrap “Pros” and we are up for any challenge.

In the end result, the car wrap was a success and I am very pleased with the work of my team! The vehicle was then shipped out to SEMA in Las Vegas, in which case allowed my sister and I to attend and represent our company, Sign Wrap Pros. We are very grateful with the opportunities and support given to us as we opened up a new doorway into the wrapping industry!