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What We Offer:

Wraps of all kinds

  • Window Decals and Graphics
  • Interior wall Ad wraps
  • Storefronts: windows and wall
  • Vehicle Wraps: trailers, box trucks, SUV s, sedans, crew cabs, and much more
  • Plexiglas sign wraps.
  • & more


  • Events
  • Corporate
  • Real Estate
  • Sponsorship

Solid or Color wraps

Vehicles of all kinds!

Chrome wraps, matte, metallic, stain and much more! Wrap a hood , roof, fenders, or entire car!

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Why wrap?

Expose your business! Everyone wants to stand out and advertising is the way to do it. Advertising however, is not one simple model. It is a conglomeration of multiple advertisements pieced together into the full spectrum of advertising. Since it’s debut, digital wraps has not only become essential to the full spectrum of advertising, it has also become the most efficient and cost effective form of any advertising.

Before vehicle wraps were first introduced, the largest outdoor advertising was billboards. Billboards however, were expensive, required permits and consumed space, all of which restricted businesses from growing. Vehicle wraps have allowed businesses to advertise with far less money and without the consumption of space. In essence, vehicle wraps are your own personal “mobile billboard.” Your vehicle wrap is not only used as a service or transportation vehicle, but also as an advertising vessel.

How effective are vehicle wraps?

According to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America, vehicles wraps are the most effective and cost efficient form of advertising. CPM (cost per thousand impressions) is the basic formula for calculating how much it costs to generate 1000 impresssions.

  • Vehicle wraps can cost as low as $0.15 per thousand impressions.
  • You can generate anywhere between 30,000 to 70,000 impressions per day and the great news is, they can’t ignore you or shut your advertisement off like they do for TV commercials or internet boxes.

In regards to advertising, you want people to remember you. That is the main reason for wraps. We not only make you stand out, but we will make you an icon in your region. Imagine having 5 plus vehicles and all were wrapped. Every one of your drivers are advertising for you on a daily basis. That is over 150,000 impressions a day at the very least. And I guarantee that many of those people are seeing your vehicles multiple times, meaning your business is being engraved in their head. Be an icon in your region.

Our Custom Wrap Products and Services

Variety Wraps is a third-generation family business offering a wide variety of custom advertising wraps for businesses and individuals alike. Our family has been in the sign making industry for over 50 years, and evolved from a traditional hand-painted sign shop into a digital printing-based company using cutting-edge technology and years of art and graphic design experience to bring remarkable products to our customers. Here’s a closer look at some of our key services:

Car wraps: Imagine tens of thousands of potential customers seeing the name of your business every single day! With car wraps in Oxnard, CA, this doesn’t have to be a fantasy. The team at Variety Wraps can work with you to help transform your car into a mobile billboard. It’s a one-time advertising expenditure that keeps working day after day, year after year!

Truck wraps: From pickup trucks to 18-wheelers, and from single trucks to an entire fleet, your company can benefit from our truck wraps in Oxnard, CA and beyond. We can incorporate eye-catching graphics, logos, contact information and so much more to ensure your business makes an impression.

Vinyl wraps: Variety Wraps provides much more than just vehicle wraps. We’re also able to create advertising wraps for entire buildings. Transform your building’s exterior, windows and interior walls through the use of our high quality vinyl wraps.

Custom designs: Everything we do at Variety Wraps happens in-house. We design and fabricate your artwork and handle all installation processes ourselves, meaning you can benefit from consistently strong service and our decades of experience in the industry. Let our team help you achieve your desired vision with our personalized, friendly services.

When you need a reliable, highly skilled, friendly and experienced company to create custom vehicle wraps or vinyl wraps in Oxnard, CA, please get in touch with Sign Wrap Pros by calling (805) 304-2773. We look forward to helping your business stand out!

Have no doubt, STAND OUT!